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Welcome to the House & Jackson Equine Clinic

Here for all of your equine needs

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Thank you for trusting in us to provide care for your horses. We are so pleased you have chosen to join the House & Jackson family.

We at House & Jackson have a long history of caring for the animals of Essex. Founded in 1980 by married vets, Chris House and Jane Jackson, the practice has since grown to include Pet Clinics in both Billericay and Writtle, as well as the large Small Animal and Equine Hospital in Blackmore.

H & J is an accredited practice, awarded hospital status by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in 2016. We are fortunate enough to have a wealth of experience amongst both our veterinary and nursing teams, and offer training and development for student nurses and new vets.


We are a primary care practice, offering all aspects of veterinary care for horses at our Blackmore hospital, as well as Reproduction and AI. We offer care by our own vets, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 Price List                Equine Services                Equine Advice

(these will vary on public holidays)

Blackmore Hospital:

Rookery Road, Blackmore, CM4 0LE

01277 823858

Monday - Friday:  8am - 5pm

Saturday: 8am - 5pm

(emergencies only after 12pm)

Sunday: 8am -  5pm 

(emergencies only)

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Helping you budget for your horse's health care
Regular healthcare can help to keep your horse healthy, prevent diseases and suffering and just keep your horse performing optimally. Well-loved pet horses, top competitors and seniors could all benefit from signing up the the H&J Healthcare plan. Our bespoke plans are administered by our plan partners, Vetsure, who will be happy to talk you through the details and get you signed up, or click the link below to sign-up online.

Alternatively, you can visit our Equine Health Plan page on this website, where you will find all the information you need.

PLEASE NOTE: Equine Health Plans are not the same as Insurance - An EHP is there to help with preventative
healthcare, whilst insurance is for problems which occur. You can also speak to Vetsure about their Insurance


Annual Boosters

We recommend keeping your pets vaccinations up to date with annual boosters, to protect them from becoming unwell. Vaccinations will help protect your pet from many harmful infections and diseases, some of which can be fatal, and even if caught early may not be curable. Remember, prevention is better than cure. If you are intending to use services such as daycares, overnight boarding places and kennels, these establishments will usually ask to see your pet's vaccination card to ensure that your pet is fully vaccinated before they are allowed to stay.

Kennel Cough Vaccination in dogs

You may think that you don't need to vaccinate you dog against Kennel Cough if you dog never goes to kennels. This is a popular misconception. Kennel Cough can be picked up anywhere that your dog comes into contact with other dogs; in the park or out for a walk. It is an unpleasant airborne respiratory infection which is highly contagious, and can be more serious for dogs with underlying health issues, older dogs and puppies. You are likely to find that daycares, overnight boarding places and kennels will also require this vaccination to be up to date. 
PLEASE NOTE: If you are bringing your dog for an appointment and suspect your dog has Kennel Cough, we would ask you to leave your dog in your vehicle whilst you pop in to let us know you have arrived, to avoid the risk of transmitting the infection to other dogs in the waiting room. The vet will happily come out to your car for your consultation
For more information about your pet's initial vaccination course and annual boosters, give us a call.

ANTI-PARASITICS - Flea and Worm treatment

Parasite control is important. Fleas cause irritation to your pet and are partial to biting humans too! Flea infestations grow rapidly and can get into your carpets, furniture and bedding, which makes the problem difficult to eradicate once it has started! Fleas are often the starting point for skin problems and form a key link in the life cycle of tapeworm, another pest your pet could do without!
Although unpleasant, worms are easy to control with regular worming. This is especially important if your pet is a ‘scavenger’ as it will be difficult to monitor what they eat. Not all wormers need to be given as tablets: ask us about ‘spot-on’ worming treatments.
To dispense flea treatments, we must see your pet at least once per year. This can be at their annual vaccination appointment or as a specific free ‘flea consultation’. 
As with annual vaccinations, you may find that your pet is required to be up-to-date with their flea and worm treatment before they will be accepted at an overnight boarding, kennels and daycare facility.


Repeat Medication

If you require a repeat medication you can request this either by calling us or completing the application form on our website. Please be aware that a vet must have prescribed the medication for your animal, or you may need a prescription check consultation for the request to be authorised. 

Written Prescriptions

If you prefer to source your medication from elsewhere, we are able to supply a written prescription which can be presented to the pharmacy of your choice. Written Prescriptions can be applied for either by calling us or completing the
application form on our website. Again, please be aware that a vet must have prescribed the medication for your animal, or you may need a consultation for the request to be authorised.
We can either supply a hard copy of the written prescription (which is required by law to be signed in ink by the prescribing Vet) or we can email the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.  We are not able to email the prescription to you directly as it will not be accepted.    The charge for a written prescription is currently £21.98.

Visiting Blackmore Hospital


If you are a Billericay or a Writtle client, you may need to visit our Blackmore Hospital for certain treatment or procedures. Because our Blackmore branch is much larger than our two pet clinics, we may be able to offer you an appointment more easily if your usual branch is fully booked. Blackmore Hospital is just a 20 minute drive from Billericay and about 10 minutes from our Writtle branch, on the edge of  Blackmore village and just off the A414.

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