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Prescription Drugs

In some circumstances, there may be occasions where you end up with a
surplus amount of medication from your pet. 
With some types of medications or large quantities, this can end up being quite a large cost. 
We often get asked if we are able to refund and/or reuse this medication.

Sadly, we are not able to refund/reuse medication or food that has left the building
due to the inability to provide proof of the storage conditions.

Nearly all medications have storage conditions that take into account temperature, light, position and humidity.   
Whilst we do completely understand that it is highly unlikely that these conditions have been breached, we cannot provide evidence of the chain of storage conditions outside of our control,
should we be able to reuse the medications for another animal.

From wholesaler to the practice and whilst in the practice the storage conditions are monitored and recorded. 
This security stops as soon as the drugs leave the building.
We take your pet’s health very seriously, so as a licensed supplier of veterinary medicines governed by
The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Medicines Directorate we are unable to
accept returns of prescription medications that have been prescribed to your pet.
This is to ensure the safety of the animals involved, as items may have been stored incorrectly or,
whilst unlikely, tampered with.
We are not able to reuse, resell or donate the medications to charity either, for the same reasons as described. However, we can dispose of it safely for you.

Whilst we understand that this can be frustrating, we hope that you can understand the regulations.
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