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We all know the value and benefit of keeping our pets happy and healthy.

This is why we want to help reduce and spread the cost of routine preventative healthcare
for your pet. We’re working with our Pet Health Plan administrators, Vetsure, to deliver
preventative treatments and benefits for dogs, cats and rabbits, all at discounted prices that are collected in an easy monthly direct debit.

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If you take out a Pet Health Plan with House & Jackson, your pet will benefit from*

Dog and Cat


Annual Core Vaccinations

Including kennel cough for dogs, feline leukaemia

for cats when required*


Flea, Tick and Worming Treatments

All year round protection



If needed

Benefit_Vet Health Check.png

15 Minute Health Check

With a Vet, every 6 months

Benefit_Health Check.png

Nurse appointments

Including nail clips, suture removal, weight watchers, diabetes, nutritional and some post op checks

Benefit_Blood Screening.png

Annual Urine Screen 


1 Free Dental X-ray Survey

20% Off.png

20% off Neutering

10% Off.png

10% off Prescription Diets, Reception items

and Dentals

5% Off.png

5% off Vetsure Pet Insurance



Annual Core Vaccinations

Including Myxomatosis and VHD


Fly Strike

Seasonal prevention products provided annually



If needed

Benefit_Vet Health Check.png

15 Minute Health Check

With a Vet, every 6 months

Benefit_Health Check.png

Nurse appointments

Including routine nurse procedures such as nail clipping

20% Off.png

20% off Neutering

10% Off.png

10% off Dentals

*Terms and conditions apply - please speak to one of our team for more details

Monthly Pet Health Plan Prices

(Please notes that dog prices are based on a puppy's expected adult weight.

To determine the specific weight/price categories for pedigree dogs please click here)

Plan Type_Cat.png


£18.50 per month

Plan Type_Dog.png


Small dog (less than 10kg)

£20 per month

Plan Type_Rabbit.png


£12.50 per month


Medium dog (10-20kg)

£21.50 per month


Large dog (20-40kg)

£24 per month


Extra large dog (over 40kg)

£32 per month

Care for the best health, cover for the worst

Please note that our Pet Health Plan is NOT a pet insurance product.

Pet insurance is aimed at providing cover for the treatment of unforeseen accidents or illnesses and does not typically cover preventative healthcare costs.

To link the two aspects of pet healthcare, Vetsure Pet Health Plan, House & Jackson members will get 5% off a new Vetsure Pet Insurance Policy, or this discount will be applied at renewal for an existing policy. That way, Vetsure can reward you further for your commitment to keeping your beloved pet in the best of health - at the same time as  providing cover for the cost of treatment for accidents and illnesses through Vetsure Pet Insurance.

What more could a loving owner do for their pet?

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How to Purchase Your Plan

Please click on the button below to purchase your House & Jackson Pet Health Plan or call Vetsure on 0800 050 2022

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FAQs and additional information:

I haven't yet signed up to a Pet Health Plan but am getting my new puppy vaccinated today. Do I have to pay if I am planning to sign up?

If you haven't joined the Pet Health Plan or completed the online form to sign up, you will need to pay as usual, However, if you then sign up within 5 days and we receive confirmation of this from our Pet Health Plan providers, Vetsure, we will refund you for anything that is covered in the Health Plan

Can I pick which flea and worm products I wish to use?

There are certain products which will be covered under the PHP. Your vet will prescribe the most appropriate flea and worm medication available under the plan. If you have any specific concerns please discuss this at the initial appointment with the vet.
Please note: some medications if specifically requested, such as Bravecto, are subject to an additional fee.

Pet Health Plans are based on a rolling 12 month contract. Cancellation is available at any time. Any services or products that have been provided but not covered by plan payments will be due upon cancellation. Entitlements cannot be carried forward or refunded. Clients are responsible for arranging appointments and collecting any medication.

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