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Insurance Claims

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Indirect Claims

In most cases, the cost of treatment should be paid for in full to House & Jackson, by the client, at the time of the treatment. The client will then make a claim to their insurance company for reimbursement. We can, of course, assist with providing any relevant information for the insurance company to assist your claim.


Direct Claims

Please note that an administration fee of £28.80, and any excess relating to the policy is payable before we can begin to process a claim.

In some cases, House & Jackson may be able to assist with a Direct Claim, where we will claim payment for treatment directly from your insurance company, rather that you paying us. However, it should not be assumed that House & Jackson will be able to offer the Direct Claims process. An insurance company may say they can do direct claims, but this doesn’t mean that House & Jackson are able to facilitate this. Direct claims are accepted at the discretion of the company, based on various factors, including the cost of the treatment and the relationship with the Insurer, and must be discussed and agreed in advance with the Management/Partners.

If a Direct Claim is agreed by House & Jackson, it is the owner’s responsibility to contact their insurance company to inform them that they wish to make a claim and initiate the process. This process varies; the insurance company may send us a link to an online portal, or there maybe a paper form to complete. Additionally, it is always the client’s responsibility to advise House & Jackson when there is more to claim, either by requesting a new link or paper form.

If you wish to arrange a direct claim, please call us to discuss.

If the insurance company reject the claim or only cover part of the claim, the remaining balance should be paid by the client to House & Jackson within 30 days. 

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