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We have teamed up with Vetsure to bring you a comprehensive Healthcare plan for your horse. For £20 per month* you could save over £100 a year.


What's included?


Six Month Health Check

Annual Booster Vaccination

Six Month Routine Dentistry Examinations (incl. sedation)

Additional Benefits


20% off our Worm Egg Counts, Tapeworm Saliva Tests and Routine Blood Samples

15% off some Lifetime Medications

10% off Visits, Supplements, Wormers & Anti-parasitic Leg Mite Injections


Ideal for:

Pet Horses

Older Horses

Competition Horses

Horses on long term medications

Horses with chronic conditions 

Sign up today!

Call to speak to one of our team on 0800 050 2022

or click here to sign up online 


*Vetsure will charge an initial set-up fee, details of which will be provided when you sign up

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